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Back Pain Treatment at Ward Chiropractic Center

From having a "bad back" to "throwing my back out," you've probably heard all kinds of phrases used to describe back pain. That's partly because back pain is so common (with the vast majority of people having some experience with it), and partly because the debilitating nature of the pain often defies description. The good news is that finding lasting, effective relief for your back pain is simpler than you might think -- thanks to the safe, conservative back pain treatment options we provide here at Ward Chiropractic Center in Spring TX.

Chiropractor treating patient for back pain

How and Why Back Pain Strikes

A variety of underlying health conditions and injuries have been associated with back pain. A few of the more common examples include:

  • Degenerative disc diseases such as bulging discs, which can strain the spine's facet joints and press against nerve tissue
  • Herniated discs, in which the disc's outer casing ruptures painfully, allowing inflammatory inner material to leak out
  • Sciatica, a compression and irritation of the sciatic nerve which may cause back pain and leg or foot symptoms
  • Acute injuries to the spinal joints, nerve roots, discs, or vertebrae due to a sports mishap, workplace injury, or auto accident
  • Chronic joint or muscle pain from an ongoing vertebral misalignment

An existing case of back pain can be aggravated by additional stresses on the spine. Obesity and pregnancy are two examples of weight gain contributing to strained back muscles. Non-ergonomic work habits can cause you to twist or bend your back beyond its comfortable limits, leading to chronic muscular strain.

Chiropractic Adjustment and Other Non-Invasive Solutions

If you've been gritting your teeth and putting up with back pain for some time, it may be because you're worried about having to schedule major surgery for your condition. But your back pain can most likely be treated successfully through non-surgical methods. If our chiropractor detects a spinal misalignment, a course of chiropractic adjustment may be prescribed to bring your spinal components back in line. Spinal decompression can resolve painful disc problems, while physical rehabilitation and massage therapy can help you recover from muscular aches and pains. We can then help you prevent recurrences through a combination of smart lifestyle changes and periodic spinal screenings to keep your alignment in good order.

Schedule Back Pain Treatment from the Chiropractor Spring TX Trusts

The relief you gain from our techniques at Ward Chiropractic Center may be as indescribable as the back pain you've been experiencing up to now. Make that relief possible by scheduling an appointment with the chiropractor Spring TX trusts for all-natural back pain treatment. Call our clinic at (281) 786-4922 today!


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